MeDAP is developed with inputs from Health Practitioners to design the most efficient database for the Medical Practice. The development of this program is a continuous process in order to keep abreast with changes in technology and the healthcare profession. The MeDAP PMA can be used in a Partnership Practice, Associated Practice or a Medical Bureau.

  • MeDAP Online Registration App – enables patients to complete their registration form from a smart phone, tablet or laptop prior to visiting the practice.
  • Choice of programme:
    1. MeDAP Desktop – installed on single or multiple computers at the practice;
    2. MeDAP Server – installed on a main computer at the practice;
    3. MeDAP Cloud – installed on a fileserver on the Internet.
  • Access from Anywhere – the MeDAP Cloud- and Server solutions provides the practitioner or practice manager with secure access to the practice’s information from anywhere via the Internet.
  • Capturing and printing of Clinical Notes, Dental Treatment Plans/Quotes, Theatre Lists, Ultrasound Obstetric Reports, WCA First, Final and Rehab Reports.
  • Capturing of Consultative-, Procedure-, Modifier-, Material, Dispensing and Dental Lab Tariff Codes and Descriptions.
  • Printing of the following forms / templates: Patient Information Capturing forms, Clinical- and History Note forms, WCA First, Final and Rehab forms.
  • Emailing and printing of Patient Statements and Medicine Prescriptions.
  • Age analysis over a period of 0 – 120 days. This facility also reports on outstanding amounts per Medical Aid and the total amount outstanding for the practice.
  • Reports on consultations booked per doctor per month and payments received per doctor per month.
  • Month-end report indicating the financial status of the practice: total consultations, payments received, outstanding amounts and consultations per doctor.
  • Year-end report to display a graphical performance of the practice: patient numbers, visits and growth per area; generated vs actual income; diagnosis overview and medicine dispensed.
  • Medprax Services: Automated Electronic Updating (via the Internet) of Material-, Medicine- and Medical Aid information. This covers the NAPPI codes, price breakdown structure, pack sizes, medicine generics, active substance and other relevant information on medicine and material. The medical schemes file covers the different schemes per medical aid, addresses, tel. & fax. no.’s, service- and exclusion requirements.
  • Switch and HealthBridge (EDI): Submitting of claims electronically via the MediSwitch or the Healthbridge networks, reducing turnaround time and improving cash flow dramatically. The system allows you to submit claims via MediSwitch and/or Healthbridge.
  • ICD10 codes and descriptions are built into the MeDAP PMA and allows you to search for more than 40,000 codes and descriptions.
  • Single Exit Price (SEP), Medscheme MPL Medicine- MRP- and MMAP Prices: The SEP, MPL, MRP and MMAP pricing is supplied by Medprax and automatically calculated into the MeDAP software as required by the Medical Aids.
  • SMS facility: The MeDAP Medical Software interfaces with BulkSMS for the sending of single or bulk SMS’s from within the MeDAP program.
  • Email facility: The MeDAP Medical Software interfaces with Microsoft Outlook for the sending of single or bulk emails from within the MeDAP program.
  • Ease of Operation: The MeDAP Medical Software is distributed with a full pictorial training manual to show the operator with actual screenshots how to use the MeDAP Program.