Good Practice Management

Make your practice more visible..

  • Advertise, advertise, advertise...
  • Register a domain, e.g. or contact us for advice. 
  • Allocate an email address to persons or area's within your practice, e.g. ; ; ; , , etc. -  contact us for advice.
  • Create a website and again,  contact us for advice.
  • Register your practice on a social media network like Facebook or Twitter and invite your patients to follow the activities in and around your practice.  

Choose the PMA that suites your Practice's needs

  1. The Practice Management Software must be able to perform the administrative core of the practice.
  2. Easy to operate: any person in the practice should be able to capture information including the Healthcare Professional.
  3. The initial and long - term cost of the PMA should enhance the practice's turn-over.
  4. The functionalities of the PMA must be capable of handling normal to complex types of practices.
  5. The PMA must keep up to date with latest trends and technologies within the healthcare profession.

Cash is King - collect the payment from your patient before they leave the practice

There are a few methods to follow to ensure payments from patients:

  1. It is important to inform the patient beforehand via telephone / SMS / email / about the method of payment - cash, card, EFT(electronic internet transfer) or whether the practice will claim on behalf of the patient from their Medical Aid. 
  2. If your practice has a fixed amount for certain treatment(s) / consultations or procedures, it will simplify the method of payment and where possible, SMS, Email or Fax a quotation or statement to the patient prior to the consultation or treatment at the practice.
  3. When submitting claims electronically to the Medical Aid, try to collect information about the patient's benefits beforehand from the Medical Aid and inform the patient whether the fund will pay in full or whether the patient will need to pay the shortfall.  Do the electronic claim soon after consultation has been provided.
  4. Provide the patient with a statement that is easy to read and clearly indicates the service(s) rendered and the payments made to date. 

Improve the practice's performance...

  1. Clearly inform your patient's about the health professional's abilties.  This can be done via newsletters, emails and / or a website.
  2. Regular visits to health partners / medical institutions to inform them about the services the practice can offer.
  3. Inform patient's about the health professional's qualification(s) and after qualification achievements.
  4. Always keep your practice neat and fresh - looking.  Patients value a good looking practice especially when feeling ill...
  5. Be friendly and professional to clients and treat them with respect and they will allways come back for more...